Israel Stops Talks with Palestinians


LISTEN NOW! John, Steve, and Pat discuss how Israel has stopped their talks with the Palestinians after it has been made known in recent days that Fatah has a unity deal forming a unified government.  The area of concern that has caused Israel to suspend U.S. led talks with the hopes for a two state solution was that Palestinians have united with Hamas, alleged militant arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  According to CBN; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson said “Following the decision by the Palestinian government to forge an alliance with Hamas, an organization that calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, we have decided to suspend all the negotiations with the Palestinians,” Regev said in a statement.”  “They cannot say they are a peace partner if they are embracing the most violent and extreme enemies of peace,” Regev said.  Israel has repeatedly been gracious towards the Palestinians even releasing convicted terrorists as a good faith gesture to begin talks.  Israel has some very small considerations and one that has been a true non-negotiable mainly that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State that it is.  This concession has never been able to have been met by the Palestinians.  As things lie now Israel has suspended talks, however, they have left the door open should the Palestinians rethink their partnership with Hamas.
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