Sudden Destruction; Be careful not to mistake God’s Patience for Acceptance

LISTEN NOW! In this wisdom moment Greg shares regarding sudden destruction and warns us to be careful not to mistake God’s patience for acceptance.  Proverbs 29:11 “Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.”  They discuss that stiff-neck means lacking the ability to turn a person who is obstinate, haughty and unrepentant by choice.  Some people after hearing many warnings, getting many rebukes, without turning deceive themselves into believing that God is all talk and no action.  They arrogantly declare I have heard it before.  They continue on living, working, eating then one day they have a suddenly.  They experience destruction in their families, with their children, in their jobs and business and some of these sudden destructive tragedies are simply irreversible and they have to live with their consequences. They encourage us to obey God the first time He speaks to us; simply hear and obey.


Tags: wisdom, hard-hearted, pride, destruction, suddenly
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