The Power of Communicating with God through Prayer

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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg and Pat discuss the power of communication with God through prayer.  They continue to discuss how prayer has no limitations.  We may feel burdened for certain areas of the world and instead of being restricted by time and space we can be anywhere in prayer and declare God’s will for that person, business, and nation in Jesus’ name.  They discuss that many times believers are moved by what they see in the physical realm when in fact what happens in the physical realm is a result of what happens in the spirit realm.  Prayer allows us to do battle in the realm that truly matters. They discuss how in prayer you can literally rearrange the (spiritual) furniture of a family or gathering just by prayer.  No matter where your life happens in this world there is no hindrance for you to pray and communicate with God.  They further discuss the power of visualization of your prayer and seeing what you are declaring by faith.  Prayer is talking to God; it’s not what religion has tried to make of it.  Prayer is not just words, it is faith in your words and in the one, God, you are praying to.  When we pray to the Lord things happen He interacts with you and things change in our material world.  This happens when Abraham prayed for a certain number of people to be spared the destruction the Lord was sending to Sodom and Gomorrah.  Jesus said my house is called to be a house of prayer, the house of prayer is not up the street you are the house of prayer.  God is willing to respond He is just looking for those who will stand in the gap.
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