VFNRadio First Hour April 21, 2014


 He is RISEN! Celebrating Jesus!
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss Resurrection Sunday and the glorious fact that our wonderful Savior has risen indeed.   They continue to share how this is a day that sets us apart.  God loves you so much that He sent his only Son to pay the ultimate price for our sins.  They continued to share how there were two gates and two destinations for all mankind.  The question is are we going to make the right choice?  Heaven is real.  The first gate was closed because of sin and in the New Testament we find Jesus to be the Gate.  The Lord has prepared a place for you.  Jesus alone is the gate to heaven ;  there is no other way.  We accept Him in our hearts that we may make him the master of our hearts with the glorious expectation of going to heaven and experiencing everything Colton Burpo experience in the true story “Heaven is Real” and so much more. 

News Happening in Israel : Mobster Shot and Killed in Prime Minister’s Home, Rockets Fired from Gaza and Registering of Ukrainian Jews
Greg, John, and Pat discuss recent things that have transpired in Israel with the Jews of Ukraine.   They discuss how yet once again rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza.  They also discuss how a mobster was killed in Israel’s Prime Benjamin Netanyahu’s home neither of these events are related to each other but point to the volatile nature of what could happen at any moment in Israel.  They further discuss how the cover of USA Today had an article that reported that the Jews in Ukraine were being made to register.  According to USA Today, “World leaders and Jewish groups condemned a leaflet handed out in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in which Jews were told to “register” with the pro-Russian militants who have taken over a government office in an attempt to make Ukraine part of Russia, according to Ukrainian and Israeli media.”  In a leaflet that was circulated amongst Jews they were being ordered to provide information regarding their property, id’s, passports, family members and vehicles as well as pay a $50 registration fee or else have their citizenship revoked.   To say nothing at all is evil.  God has set the Jews apart from the very beginning they remind us that it doesn’t end well for the Jews and Christian as they are highly persecuted around the world.  They continue to discuss how there is some parallel between what is happening with the Jews in Ukraine and the registering of the Affordable Health Care Act in the United States.  It is a law Americans have to register.  It’s virtually the same thing and underscores our need to turn to God.  The only way America will stand is if we go back to the original intent and allow God to have His way. 

England’s Prime Minster Cameron calls for Defending Christian
John, Greg, and Pat discuss how England’s Prime Minister Cameron, according to CBN is encouraging his country to stand up for Christianity.  They continue to discuss the persecution that is happening all around the world to Christians and Jews.  They found the Prime Minister’s remarks encouraging especially from the leader of a country who has had sections taken over by Islam.  It’s all about politics.  The way Islam is growing in Europe is through migration.  If enough Muslims move into a certain region and insist upon sharia law they have the potential to influence their local elected representative.  Politics is never the answer.  They further discuss the dangers of Christian Americans falling asleep because of the very real threat of losing the nation.  Many have been tempted to overlook the persecution of the Jews and Christians in other countries because they feel like it won’t happen to them.  The truth is this is the exact thing many Christians did in America during the Holocaust.  There was a period in time when the Jews were seeking refuge and boarded ships and many countries refused to allow them to come ashore except the Dominican Republic.  It is important to understand that evil truly exists and the importance of Christians standing with their brothers and sisters.  If we put God back in the center of our nation we may be able to keep hold of it.  If we don’t wake up our future is one of tyrannical leadership.  There is no hope outside of Jesus.

Wisdom Moment- Righteous Care for the Poor
In this moment of Wisdom Proverbs 29:7 “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern” they continue to discuss the importance of taking care of the poor amongst us.  Knowledge is on the increase however as knowledge increases we have a great need for wisdom which is the proper application of knowledge.  Today in our present culture, no one has righteous care for the poor, in fact, they don’t even think about the poor.  The Bible tells us that he who lends to the poor lends to God.  Today only 3% of church even honors God with tithes, if we are not honoring God for sure we are not honoring the poor.  God is about justice.  How we feel about justice says a lot about who we are as a people. Having no compassion for the poor is simply wicked.  Compassion is not just feeling bad it involves feeling bad and doing something about what we feel so bad about.  When we see injustices we should pray and do something about it.  When we are moved with compassion we will see to it that people get the care they need.  We will build hospitals, hire doctors and treat those right who are poor among us.  We must move immediately to help because if we wait we will only help people because in the end we are just trying to save ourselves.  You become concerned about injustice when it is happening to you.


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