VFNRadio First Hour April 24, 2014


         Hamas and Fatah Have Unity Deal Forming Unity Government within weeks-  Kink in US led Peace Talks – PA and Israel
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Hamas and Fatah are allegedly forming unified governments reportedly in a few weeks putting a kink in the U.S. led peace talk between the Palestinians and Israel.  According to the Jerusalem Post “  The United States would have to reconsider its assistance to the Palestinians if Islamist group Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization form a government together, a senior US administration official said on Thursday. “Any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties,” the official said, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity.”  They continue to discuss how God specifically showed Greg how Secretary John Kerry would ultimately be used to cause Jews and Christians harm.   God is looking for someone to stand in the gap.  Let’s begin with us repenting for our own sins and the sins of our nation.  Dear God protect your church, America, and Israel. 

Alabama’s Supreme Court Rules both Born and Unborn Children Have Rights
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled that unborn children have rights.   According to CBN “The decision comes in the case of a woman who was convicted for using cocaine during her pregnancy. Her baby tested positive for the drug at his birth.  Under Alabama law that is considered “chemical endangerment of a child.”  Chief Justice Roy Moore said “”God, not governments and legislatures, gives persons these inherent natural rights.”  They continued to share how the Governor of Florida Rick Scott came near the VFNtv and the Daily VFNRadio studio and signed the Baby Alive Bill.  They further discussed how Governor Scott in Florida said that he would sign any bill that would protect life.   Reportedly it has been said that no other governor in the state’s history would have sign a pro-life bill.  Florida is already a first fruit state but maybe in God’s mercy He would make the whole state a hub state. 

   Heaven is for Real and according to pollsters 76% of Americans Agree; Time to Show People how to get there
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss the recent movie; “Heaven is for Real”, about a four year old boy who was nearly at the point of death and had an out of body experience and was shown heaven and much more.   The movie has been a huge hit among movie goers according to the “Business Insider” the movie “came in third at the box office this weekend narrowly losing out to Captain America 2…”  There is a lot of interest today regarding heaven.  In fact pollsters with the Barna Group share their findings regarding how Americans feel about heaven, hell, and the afterlife.  They found out that “76% believe that heaven exists, while nearly the same proportion 71 % said that there is such a thing as Hell.  Regarding life after death 8 out of 10 Americans (81%) believe in an afterlife of some sort.  Another 9% said life after death may exist, but they were not certain.   Regarding destination after death most Americans do not expect to experience Hell first-hand: just one-half of 1% expects to go to Hell upon their death.”  They encourage us to share the gospel with everyone as many in our country believe in life after death and that Heaven is a real location.  It is our job as believers to show them how to get to heaven through Jesus Christ.  They continue to discuss the remarkable encounter young Colton had and the possible reasons the Lord allowed him to see what he saw. 

 Embracing  the Stigma of  the Gospel
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent message shared by Pastor John Kilpatrick on Resurrection Sunday at Church of His Presence.  Brother Kilpatrick’s message was about the stigma that goes with being a Christian.  Today many are doing their best to avoid being stigmatized while being accepted by the world.  The truth is that Christians need to fully and happily embrace the stigma of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He shares three things that are important to know.  The first thing is that it is a privilege to be scandalized or stigmatized for Jesus.  The second is that it is a folly on our part to worry about a diminished reputation by following or allow the fear of man to keep us from obeying God and His word.  Thirdly, the benefits of bearing an offense for Jesus cannot be calculated.  The benefits are more numerous than we could ever imagine but you will live to regret it if you live for reputation rather than Jesus.  Those that mock you will live to regret it too.   They continue to discuss how most Christians in America are of the notion that all we must simply do is receive Jesus.  The Bible says that is not the case, just believing is not going to save you.  “Even though the devil believes I can guarantee you he is not saved” says Brother Kilpatrick.  We must believe in Jesus, receive Jesus and take up our cross and follow him.  We must preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ one that shares the reality that Jesus is not just Savior but he is also Lord and these two must never be separated.  He is Lord and Savior.  Greg shares how people are trying to destigmatize the gospel any way they can. They continue to share how many churches are trying to dodge stigma and are trying to fit in.  Greg continues to share how refreshing it is to hear truth and encourages us to do everything we can do to get ourselves up under truth because of the many lies that are being promulgated in the church today.  There are a lot of messages that are being preached in many churches but rest assured if the “good news” you hear is pleasing to your flesh it’s probably not the gospel.  They continue to discuss that if the church “destigmatizes the gospel the church will lose its power.  Stop trying to be like them accept the fact that when you make Jesus Lord you will have the privilege of being scandalized.  One of the biggest things we as Christians have going for us is that God’s presence is with us.  However, some people don’t even care about God and are more interested in doing the “church thing”.  They would rather choose form over substance and task over relationship.  They further discuss how it wasn’t just lay people getting right with Jesus but many pastors were getting saved as well.   They alert us to the fact that the stigma is going to come but the saddest thing is where the stigmatization comes from.  It will come from your neighbor, your family, brother or even a preacher.  Greg shares with us how it’s not just the world that is being sifted but we as believers are being sifted too as God is bringing your light to the surface.  If you are ashamed of God He will be ashamed of you.  They continue to discuss what was shared regarding how many sports stadiums are banning signs with the loving verse of scripture John 3:16.  Today you are hearing messages that have no stigma associated with them such as the prosperity gospel or gospel of healing however there is a stigma associated with the gospel of the blood of Christ that cleanses away all of our sins.  They encourage us to be loyal to Jesus.  They encourage us to fully embrace the stigma of the gospel and not be cowards for cowards don’t enter the kingdom of heaven.    You may be wondering what is happening in your life when the closer you get to Jesus the farther your friends, family members or coworkers get maybe they are trying to avoid being stigmatized.   They continue to share how many in the Bible were stigmatized and that stigmatization never left their life.   It happened to Abraham, those who stigmatized him leaving everything.  It happened to Joseph when he was stigmatized for committing a sexual act he did not do.  It happened to Paul as he was stigmatized for being in prison.  To this you were called.  It’s time to shake all that off for God is truly looking for faithful and loyal sons and daughters.  They encourage us to put all “religion” aside and be fully committed to Jesus alone.  Commit to Him and tell Him; I am yours.


VFNRadio Second Hour April 24, 2014
The Power of what God can do Through an Abiding and Obedient Lifestyle

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