VFNRadio First Hour April 28, 2014


           Biggest Tornado Outbreak of the Season -29 Tornadoes May flower
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the biggest tornado outbreak of the season where 29 tornadoes rip through central parts of the United States.  They continue to discuss how the small town in Arkansas called Mayflower was hit the hardest by tornadoes.  They continue to encourage us to pray for those who have been affected by this devastation.  They also ask us to consider what has happened in view of the “perfect storm” prophecy that was delivered by John Paul Jackson where he prophesied that weather events such as these would take place.  In all the cities that were hit a city named Mayflower was hit the hardest.  Could this be from God yet again trying to reach out to America, considering that it was on the Mayflower that Puritans came to America to find a country to where they can worship God?  Some may ask could God bring such a thing to the earth while others recognize that surely yes God could  when even the insurance companies know that and label certain events “acts of God”.   If we don’t turn our hearts to God than we can only expect God’s judgment.     Simultaneously, at very same time that tragedy has hit, Steve Green, owner of Hobby Lobby, is developing a Bible curriculum to be taught in public schools.  God doesn’t want to destroy us, he wants us to repent and turn our hearts completely to Him.

The Day of Remembrance Holocaust
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss how 10,000 people from over 50 countries participated in a march from Auschwitz to commemorate Holocaust victims in the March of the Living according to the Jerusalem Post.  They continue to discuss now the Jews are great at making sure they remember.  They continue to discuss that a museum teaches that at the time of the Holocaust the Christian church was not able to recognize evil.  Americans call evil as not being “that bad”.  Even the Prime Minister of Israel has drawn from the similarities that are occurring today when he describes the Palestinians partnership with Hamas, a known hater and attacker of the Jews, while still thinking they can pursue peace with Israel.  We will never forget what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were killed as we honor the 200,000 survivors that are alive today.  

      Hobby Lobby Owner  Steve Green Vision of Education Developing a Bible Curriculum
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Hobby Lobby’s owner Steve Green has a vision for education and is developing a Bible curriculum to be taught in public schools.  According to the Washington Post “The Mustang, Okla., school board voted Monday to adopt a Bible course developed by Steve Green, clearing the way for the Hobby Lobby president…”  Steve’s desire is to the Museum of the Bible Curriculum which is a four year public school elective on the narrative of the history and impact of the Bible.  Steve’s desire is by September of 2016 to have this curriculum in at least 100 high schools.  They encourage us to go buy something, anything at your nearest Hobby Lobby retail store to stand in agreement with the Green family.  We need to stand with those who are standing boldly in our society. 
 The Power of Communicating with God through Prayer
 John, Greg and Pat discuss the power of communication with God through prayer.  They continue to discuss how prayer has no limitations.  We may feel burdened for certain areas of the world and instead of being restricted by time and space we can be anywhere in prayer and declare God’s will for that person, business, and nation in Jesus’ name.  They discuss that many times believers are moved by what they see in the physical realm when in fact what happens in the physical realm is a result of what happens in the spirit realm.  Prayer allows us to do battle in the realm that truly matters. They discuss how in prayer you can literally rearrange the (spiritual) furniture of a family or gathering just by prayer.  No matter where your life happens in this world there is no hindrance for you to pray and communicate with God.  They further discuss the power of visualization of your prayer and seeing what you are declaring by faith.  Prayer is talking to God; it’s not what religion has tried to make of it.  Prayer is not just words it faith in your words and in the one, God, you are praying to.  When we pray to the Lord things happen He interacts with you and things change in our material world.  This happens when Abraham prayed for a certain number of people to be spared the destruction the Lord was sending to Sodom and Gomorrah.  Jesus said my house is called to be a house of prayer, the house of prayer is not up the street you are the house of prayer.  God is willing to respond He is just looking for those who will stand in the gap. 

      Avoiding the Hard Crashes that are bound to come when we Don’t Build on the Right Foundation
In this abiding moment Pat, Greg, and John the wise and foolish builder Jesus described in Matthew 7:24-29.  The difference between the two is one built on the solid foundation of the implemented and practiced word of God and the other built with no implemented and practiced foundation.   When the storms come and they do come, only the house that is built on the practiced and not just heard word of God will stand.  Many today are hearing plenty of Word but they are not implementing and practicing the word they hear in their daily lives and are deceiving themselves.  If not doing and practicing the word of God they are taking their own counsel of pride and they will eventually fall.  How much of the church is taking in worldly wisdom?  Everybody else is doing it, it seems right.   Rick Joyner saw spiritual battles where great men of God were taken down by two little demons of pride and fear.  It’s best to stay low walk in humility and put to practice God’s word in your lives.


VFNRadio Second Hour April 28, 2014
Hell is for Real Too

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