What’s Going On?-Outlawing Big Gulp Soda Legalizing Murder Video Games, Federal Agents Against U.S Citizens?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we have gone from outlawing a Big Gulp soda drink all the while it is completely legal to sell video games that glorify committing crimes of murder.  A person in New York City would be restricted from buying large sugary drinks because it would be bad for their health yet at the same time there was no outcry of $1 billion made in a single day of sales of the video Game Grand Theft Auto V.  They discuss how the federal government is getting involved with ranchers and cattle.  All this is happening at the same time illegal aliens are not being detained as they illegally cross the borders.  Federal agents were sent to arrest fully dressed in army fatigues, drawn weapons and in the end these were federal agents coming against American citizens. These are our brothers and sisters.  Fox News reports that an embedded journalist became part of the story as he was filled with emotion and overtaken by what was taking place.  We have to be careful to stay a nation and not let the enemy divide us. We have to pray for our nation.  Don’t let anyone mess with your mind. We are the same people, living in the same nation under the same constitution. 


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