Father Arrested For Exercising his First Amendment Right- Expressing His Disapproval of A Racy Novel Given to His Daughter at School.

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how a father is arrested for exercising his first amendment right when he expressed his disapproval to the school board for approving a racy novel being read by his 14 year old daughter.  Allegedly the father had surpassed his two minutes and continued to speak and he was arrested.  The father’s first amendment rights were violated.  He is entitled to free speech.   The father’s alleged main concern was that the school should have notified the parents first before making the book mandatory reading.  His daughter was reading the book for a week before he was aware of the contents.  The truth is that there is a philosophy that is being promulgated that the school system knows best instead of the parents of the children.  They further discuss that when we turn back to God’s word then maybe we can get our constitution back.  As American citizens we have rights and to see a father’s rights being violated just because someone allegedly felt his time was up is just flat out wrong.


Gilford NH Parent arrested for violating 2-minute speaking rule at school board meeting

 Man arrested at Gilford school board meeting
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