Sons of Encouragement: The Power of Receiving and Giving Encouragement

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LISTEN NOW!   Greg, John, and Pat have an encouraging conversation while walking us through the book of Acts. Many times we devalue the significance of a word of encouragement. The simplest statements we say to one another meant to encourage, can greatly impact a life. It could even impact a nation; or even generations to come. Find out how you can be a son of encouragement and so much more. Also shared in this segment: lies, flattery, parade floats, Apostles, and Antioch.

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Son of Encouragement, Paul brought to the Apostles, Paul brought to Antioch, Set Apart
Acts 4:36-37, 9:26-28, 11:24-26, 13:1-3
VFNRadio Second Hour May 19, 2014
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