VFNRadio Second Hour May 27, 2014


The Journey of Faith

Steve, John, and Pat share about the journey that the disciples walked out as they were alongside Jesus. After 3 years of walking with Jesus, they had to be reminded about the things Jesus spoke to them about after only 3 days without him. This is just like the days we spend abiding with Jesus. It is time with Jesus that lifts our faith, giving us the ability to see as Jesus does. Find out the significance of abiding and not abiding and so much more. Also shared in this segment: faith, unbelief, compassion, and maturity. 

Are We Quickly Transitioning to a Cashless Society? How Much Cash do Americans Carry in their Wallets?

John, Pat and Steve share about some new trends and the usage of cash in today’s society. Are the present pockets of Americans stuffed with cash dollars, or credit cards and debit cards? Now we can walk through a checkout lane and pay a bill with a smart phone app. With all this advancing technology, what can it inevitably lead up to? Have prophetic headlines been shared of what will come of this? Find out how cash is changing, how to respond and so much more. Also shared in this segment: New Jersey, PayPal, South Korea, apps, and bills. 

Stop the Madness; Guns are not to Blame for California Rampage; Let’s Take a Closer look at our Over Sexualized and Violent Culture

John, Pat and Steve revisit the devastating tragedies that recently occurred in California. The quick topics that are being blamed can be overlooked when we focus a little deeper. What are the images being seen in the eyes of our culture? What are the words being heard in our ears? When you look at what is being seen and heard, the answer is right in front of us. This travesty is an offensive occurrence. What else is more offensive? Find out the deeper details that is affecting many and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the Daily Bugle, violence, Little Italy, and culture.  

Breaking News: Meriam Ibrihim Gives Birth in Prison to Baby Girl; Refused to Renounce her Christian Faith

John, Pat and Steve share about the breaking news of the recent headlines of Meriam Ibrihim; a woman who has been imprisoned for her faith in Christ.  Who is this Jesus that she would choose not to deny him amidst so much hardship and persecution? Is it a peaceful religion that would cause so much affliction and hatred? Find out the details of what Meriam is enduring, how we can pray and so much more. Also shared in this segment: lashes, hangings, conversions, and prayer. 

Personal Transformation Leads to Great Expectation of an Awesome God 

Steve, John, and Pat share an insightful view of the happenings of the Church through the book of Acts. Powerful things begin to happen when there is a personal accountability in our lives with what God says through his word. Be encouraged and allow your faith to be stirred and lifted and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Fear of the Lord, 3rdGreat Awakening, and faith.
VFNRadio First Hour May 27, 2014
Six Things Churches can do to End Human Trafficking

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