VFNRadio Second Hour May 5, 2014

          AMERICA’S TRUE DEBT: Not 17 Trillion more like $200 Trillion?
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how America’s true debt is not the $17 trillion that is often reported but instead according to the International Monetary Fund more like $200 trillion.  They continue to discuss how what is coming is going to be some of the best and worst of times.  God has already revealed to them how God will be pouring out His spirit among the young people in power and at the same time they discuss the word Pat Robertson released in the beginning of 2014 when he shared regarding economic crisis in China that will affect many of us in the United States.  If their economy falls it will be like dominoes.   It is often reported that the debt of the United States of America is $17 trillion dollars when in reality the International Monetary Fund reports that is $200 trillion dollars and growing.  It is said that if every American was taxed 100% the debt would never be paid off.  The alarming thing is that many Americans are arguing about their cable package and have no idea what is going on.  They encourage us to use our favor to make friends now and to prove what we owe and own.  This is the time to be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. 

      The Book of Revelation: The Revelation of Christ
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss the book of Revelation which is the revelation of Christ.   They discuss that when you look at the book of Revelation of the things you consistently read is what the Spirit says to the church.  The Lord is going to come back at the last trumpet sound.  The secret to survival is not a manual its hearing the voice of the Lord.  The book of Revelation begins with a message to the seven churches.  We must remember that judgment begins first in the house of God.  Those messages are still relevant today.  Since Jesus is the same today about what he felt long ago this message still applies to us.  The first thing that happens is that God deals with the church.  We need to watch as we see areas in which the church will be tempted in.  You left your first love, and hated the false apostles messages that ministered to the church of that day yet are still ministering to us today.   They remind us that judgment begins in the house of God and at the same time no one cries out for judgment.  They don’t cry out for judgment because they don’t have the revelation of Jesus taking on our judgment ; besides they share how it is much better to be judge on this side of eternity rather than the other side when our lives are over and there is no more time to repent.  They further discuss Revelation 5 where there was no one who was worthy to open the scroll and break the seals; the one who was worthy enough to redeem the earth is Jesus.    They encourage us to study and read the book of Revelation as there is a blessing for those who do.  We are so close, the adversary is cranking things up and Jesus is coming back for his bride the church.  The one who rides on the white horse is coming at the appointed time.  It’s your job to be ready for when He comes. 


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VFNRadio First Hour May 5, 2014

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