How to Stay Encouraged During Dark Times

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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, Pat, and John have an encouraging conversation recounting many of the events that played in the Bible, and those that weren’t talked about that also transpired. Empires were rising and falling, people were marrying, having children across the globe, all totally unaware that God was delivering a people out of Egypt. In this present culture, it is easy to be caught up in the 24 hour news cycle. It is so important to hold on to the Biblical view and focus on what God is doing and what He is saying. They continue to share how to step out of the focus of darkness and into the timeline of light in God. Find out how you can make this change and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Moses, Caesar, parliaments, revivals, Billy Graham, Abraham, economy, jobs, houses, and the Garden of Eden.
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Supreme Court Ruling 9-0, Unanimous: Search Warrant Needed to Search Your Cell Phone- 4th Amendment Rights Upheld!!!
Converted Christian Journalist- Sentenced to Jail for Reporting Christian Persecution in Egypt

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