PROPHESY – Soviet Union, Israel, and United States; Horsemen on the Wall Warning for What is to Come; Three Teenagers Kidnapped in Westbank Israel

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat have an encouraging conversation as they share a vision the Lord revealed to John as well as a prophetic word for 3 significant nations. Three words are  discussed:  1) Russia:  The thoughts and things of man will come to nothing.  2)  Israel:  This day shall God deliver you into my hands; a waring Davidic spirit  3)  America: A humbling beyond embarrassment for government.  If we know the answer of what is right in the eyes of God, it matters to God if we do or do not share this truth with others. They continue to share how God has responded to ungodly leadership. Be encouraged as you find out how you can find shelter in the wings of the Lord and so much more. Also shared in this segment:  Babylon, dreams, Ukraine, Jezebel, and house of cards.

Prophetic Word of Soviet Union, Israel, and United States
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Given Jezebel Time to Repent, Elijah Ahab & Jezebel, The Watchman, God Protects Whoever are His:
Revelation 2:20-22, 2 Kings 9-10:28, Ezekiel 33, Psalm 91

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