Sudanese Christian Woman, Mariam Ibraheem, Released Again: Continue to Pray for her Safety

LISTEN NOW! As Greg, John, and Pat are keeping a watchful eye on the situation regarding Mariam Ibraheem, they share the encouraging news that she has been released again after being re-arrested 24 hours ago. There are so many injustices covering the face of the earth. We must remain empathetic when the church, the body of Christ, Jesus, is being arrested and re-arrested. Eternity is all about Jesus. Find out how you can make this life all about those around you by focusing on Jesus, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: king, goats, sheep, persecution, justice, compassion, Great Britain, and prayer.,%20Meriam%20Ibrahim,%20Released%20Again%20Continue%20to%20Pray%20for%20her%20Safety.mp3


Mariam Ibraheem Freed Again; Lawyers say ‘Don’t Relax Yet’

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