VFNRadio Second Hour June 19, 2014



The World ON FIRE: The Welsh Revival and its Lessons for our Time – Rick Joyner

John, Pat, and Steve discuss the encouraging and faith-lifting events that transpired in what was known as the Welsh Revival. Many came to see the events only to be surprised and were in awe of what was happening. Is what happened in The Welsh Revival happening again? How can another revival of God come to our cities? Be encouraged and allow your hunger for a greater move of God to come and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Rick Joyner, Azusa Street Revival, Steve Hill, Asbury College, and children.

The Times, Seasons, and Relationships of our Lives
Steve, John, and Pat talk about the welcoming and good byes that happen in our lives. Every relationship in our life is only for a certain time, some different than others. The time that Jesus had with his disciples was for a time; a time to go and a time to return. Be encouraged during those moments of hardship and so much more. Also shared in this segment: airports, disciples, and faith.

VFNRadio First Hour June 19, 2014
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