VFNRadio Second Hour June 26, 2014



Testimonies of the Power of Prayer to Heal; Healed of Asthma

Steve, John, and Pat share about a recent encounter in the workplace where God touched and completely healed a lady of asthma. The Bible recounts when God did powerful miracles as an opportunity to share the gospel. God is raising up a people and stirring their faith to believe Him for powerful healings and miracles that will not only impact someone’s life but transform cities. Be encouraged as they discuss past outbreaks of God’s spirit, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: faith, healing, evangelism, the Great Commission, and miracles.

A Doorway to Access a Relationship with God and Others
John, Pat and Steve share about how it is so easy in the present day culture to get self-focused on where we are, the task at hand, and lose sight of those around us. Dishonor is prevalent in society but that is not how God calls us to interact with each other. Every sin comes from dishonor, whether we are dishonoring God or dishonor someone else. It is easy to see how everything that God has established is being dishonored. Before we look at others, honor has to start in our own lives. Be stirred as they share how you can be honoring to God and others, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: sex trafficking, abortion, business, parents, family, children, satan, and love.


VFNRadio First Hour June 26, 2014
Supreme Court Ruling 9-0, Unanimous: Search Warrant Needed to Search Your Cell Phone- 4th Amendment Rights Upheld!!!

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