VFNRadio Second Hour June 9, 2014

 VFNRadio Second Hour June 9, 2014

    You are in the Game; You Have a Role to Play

    Greg, John, and Pat discuss how you are in the game and how each person in God’s kingdom has role to play.  Greg using a football team as an illustration shares at length the importance of understand that you are not a fan but rather in the game and not just in the game but you play a significant role.  Every team has an owner, a coach, a quarterback, and position players.  When the ball is thrown to you it is important for you to know that you are already on the team and it’s time to play.  You are not watching but rather in your position.  It’s time to wake up; you are not a fan but a player if you are born again.  Many have not played their part and have caused others to get hurt.  We must take the field and play all out for the owner, Father God. 

Grieving Heart of God
John and Pat discuss the vastness and awesomeness of God. They declare his majesty and marvel at his greatness.  They also discussed how in Genesis 6 the people that inhabited the land caused God’s heart to be grieved and filled with pain.  They continued to share how God has designed us for relationship and how sin hurts us, enslaves us and separates us from having a relationship with God.  His desire is for us to be with Him.  We can either bring joy or pain to God’s heart.  We don’t have to grieve God but instead bring great joy to Him.
His Wrath and His Love; Steve Hill
John, Pat and Chris discuss Steve Hill’s powerful spoken word message.  In this message, His Wrath and His Love Steve shares about the countless murders of babies in their mother’s womb.  He states that “only the mercy of God will hold back the fire of His (God) wrath.  Only the blood of Jesus will cover the sin’s aftermath.”  This is a chilling reminder of the seriousness of God and the great mercy he extends to us all.
Only in His Presence
Greg, John, and Pat share about a time when Greg and Pat where in Israel.  They received prayer and the blessing of the priesthood and the presence of God enveloped them.  They continued to share how wonderful it is to be in the Lord’s presence and how they have become so overcome and moved to tears.  They continue to discuss how we can’t fix ourselves no matter how hard we try but what we can do is seek to be in the Lord’s presence and he can do more in just one second in His presence than what we can do in a lifetime of trying to fix ourselves.  It’s only in his presence are we made whole.
 Grateful for Work?
Greg and Pat share how important it is for employees to embrace an attitude of gratitude for having the opportunity to work.  They go on to say as God’s people we are not to force our employers to pay us more.

VFNRadio Highlights June 9, 2014
VFNRadio First Hour June 6, 2014

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