Are U.S. Soldiers Getting their Pick Slips while on front line? U.S. Military is Being Shrunk Because Of Budget Cuts as Prophesied by John Paul Jackson

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John share about the recent actions of our military being downsized. As soldiers are on the front lines, they are being handed the pink slip to their jobs signifying they are jobless when they return home. When our soldiers are on the front lines, providing for our freedom, what they need is our support. Currently, less than 1% of American citizens are serving in the nation’s military. We need to serve and support them in their choice for a career in our military. They continue to share how this very action was prophesied about by John Paul Jackson. We are removing the very bricks of the walls around our borders as our military is being weakened, while at the same time, our borders are being saturated with aliens. If God’s people, the church, respond by acknowledging our sins, and repenting for what we’ve done, it is God who will answer and heal our land. Be encouraged as you learn that amidst all the travesties being seen in the nation, God has a purpose, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: John Paul Jackson, financial crisis, Fox news, Hillary Clinton, borders, unemployment, and careers.
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