Encourage Your Pastor- If you don’t -the wrong People will: Pastors need us to stand with them –Learn How Some Community Organizers Have Brought Harm to Some Churches through Overwhelmed Pastors and revealing of their Step-by-Step Methods Attacks

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LISTEN NOW!   Greg, Pat and John encourage us as they give a perspective about pastors that many might not be aware of. Also Learn How Some Community Organizer Have Brought Harm to Some Churches through a Overwhelmed Pastor and their Step-by-Step Methods.  While working and serving all week long for the congregation, a pastor pours into the congregation and loves on others while very few, if any, are there for the pastor. During the most overwhelming and vulnerable moments, someone steps into the pastor’s office with a critical and scary statement, “I’m here to help you”. The sequence of events that can come to pass from these moments can affect a congregation, a whole state, and even the entire nation. How can one question affect so many? Love and serving flows not only down from a pastor, but love must also go up to the pastor for they too are human and need the personal love, support and encouragement that can only come from the Lord through a fellow believer.  Be informed and encouraged as you find out how you can be present for your pastor, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: PICO, ACORN, wolves, organizing, Saul Alinsky, shepherds, and love.



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