End Times that Test Men’s Souls; Conference Call with Israel’s Ambassador Ron Dermer-Israel Must Defend Herself and Friends of Israel must Stand with Her

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John share about a recent conference call with Israel Ambassador Ron Dermer that he had with CUFI Founder John Hagee.   Ambassador Dermer shares the integral reality that must be understood about the current conflict taking place on the Israel Gaza border. The Ambassador shares his deep thanks for the American funding that made the missile defense possible in Israel and how 85% of the missiles fired into Israel are intercepted and shot down. In regards to this conflict, many have raised the question about the civilian casualties in Gaza.  The Ambassador highlights how imperative it is to draw a clear moral distinction between the two nations in this issue. Hamas has placed their missile batteries next to hospitals, mosques, and homes. Israel has continued to send a myriad of communications, through text messages, phone calls, as well as verbal communications, to the Gaza residents to vacate their homes to avoid civilian casualties. The ambassador details, “I’m not aware of a single military who has taken the actions to take civilians out of the war”. Why is the whole world not up in arms about these realities? We are entering the times that test men’s souls. When 2000 people stand up to support Israel, and suddenly Palestinian empathizers rise up against them causing federal officers to discharge a bullet to calm the situation, this is a sign to us. Church, it’s time to wake up, to stand as the light, and stand with Israel. Be encouraged in this integral moment as you understand how you can stand up for Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, Israel Ambassador Ron Dermer, civilian casualties, Israel, Hamas, Gaza, Palestinian Authority, CUFI, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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