”Guard Your Seeds for When the Conditions are Right, You Will See the Harvest”, says Rick Joyner in his book, The Harvest

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LISTEN NOW!  Pat, Greg, and Steve share in this abiding moment how important it is to remember the seasons that must take place for the harvest to come. There are three distinct things that must come at the right time and the right amount: WATER, which is the word of God, HEAT which are the circumstances of our life that test us, and LIGHT which is the revelation we know comes from God. When we sow the seeds of the gospel into the lives of another, it is normal not to see an immediate harvest. It may not even be until the next generation until those seeds begin to bare a harvest. Sometimes, our purpose can be to protect and guard the seeds that have been sown. What farmer that sows seeds doesn’t expect a harvest. Also shared in this segment: discipleship, hardships, evangelism, witnessing, prayer, family, and relationship.


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The Harvest

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