Hamas using Palestinians as “Human Shields” says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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WATCH! LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields according to many reports including those made by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Hamas according to CBN news is putting children by rocket launchers so that when Israel strikes back there will be loss of life.  These are heinous and deplorable acts of cowardice and evil and the world should condemn such acts.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has expressed how Israel has shown great restraint and has implemented a very strategic and targeted approach to deal with Hamas directly by sparing the lives of any civilians.  Israel’s Ambassador Ron Dermer when speaking to the United Nations said that Israel deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.  No nation has ever acted so humanely in war with  such care to not kill any innocent civilians and any other narrative that does not support that nation is simply false at least and shameful at best. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!

Hamas using Palestinians as "Human Shields" says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu Meets Ambassadors

Human Shields: ‘Hamas Wants Israel to Kill Their Children’
 image source: cbn.com

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