His Picture Before He was Killed! Israel Defense Force Staff Sgt. Aida Bria hugs girlfriend not knowing that would be the last time and last picture together

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and John share an inside personal event of the tragedies that are taking place within Israel, within the IDF. IDF Staff Sergeant Adi Briga was leaving Israel and headed for operations in the Gaza Strip. Before SSgt Briga was to leave for operations, he took time to say good bye to his girlfriend, Yulia Sokolov. Divine timing allowed an Israeli reporter to catch the couple’s goodbyes. It was also this reporter who was assigned to Briga’s funeral that was to occur merely days later. Little did they know the place where they hugged was also the last moments SSgt Briga would be standing when he was killed from Hamas rocket fire from Gaza.

Tracing the event that led up to the conflicts between Israel and Hamas, America has a lot to do with what has happened. It is also important to remember that what is being seen and done by radical Islam does not mean this is every Muslim. Leaders of America have shared how things in the world “are getting scarier and scarier”. As the church, we must wake up to the realities that are taking place within the borders of Israel and upon the border of Israel. Keep your focus upon the Apple of God’s Eye, Israel, as you learn more of what’s happening, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, Zakkat, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Brigette Gabriel, Congressman Jeff Miller, and Israel.
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