Israel Has Emerged into a Flourishing Abundant Land

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WATCH! LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Israel has emerged into a flourishing and abundantly blessed land.  They continue to discuss an award winning multi- part video presentation, produced by CBN, that chronicles how Israelis’ by the hand of God and hard work have transformed Israel’s once arid dry landscape to an agricultural haven where they have implemented techniques, inventions and technologies to help develop the land for vegetation.  Their hard work has not only helped the farmers in Israel but they have shared their knowledge and resources with their regional neighbors and the rest of the world including the United States.  It did not go without being mentioned that during the time that Israel was a waste land nobody wanted it but now we are seeing Palestinians fight for what they did not want to begin with.  It is great to see how the Jewish people through hard work, ingenuity and the blessing of God have made Israel the great nation that it has become today.
CBN’s “Made in Israel: Agriculture”
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