Making Sense of seemingly “Schizoid” Government Leadership; “Organizers have to be well-integrated schizoids…” says Marshal Ganz


LISTEN NOW!  Greg, Pat, and John talk about the seemingly schizoid narratives that have been spoken from our current governmental leaders and how though crazy they may seem, lines up clearly as intelligent methodology taught by Saul Alinsky, author of the book, Rules for Radicals.

Marshal Ganz says to Bill Moyer, on the Bill Moyer PBS show, it’s like Saul Alinsky says… Organizers have to be well-integrated schizoids, because you have to polarize to mobilize and depolarize to settle.  But without polarizing you’re never going to mobilize anything. And yeah, THEN there’s a time to negotiate…”
When you take into consideration the myriad of topics in the headlines, from healthcare, to borders, to marriage, to immigration reform, one can’t help but notice a constant change of contradicting views that can be described as schizoid in nature.  They continue to share how America has been polarized under the current administration and the possible next step of its depolarization. Find clarity amidst the whirlwinds of schizoid topics, find your place of rest in the Lord, disregard the bipolar narratives and understand Jesus told us what we’re to look for as He said “You will know them by their fruit.” Also shared in this segment: Marshall Ganz, Saul Alinsky, Organizers of the Day and Night, John Paul Jackson, medication, Robin Hood, abortion, The Constitution, illegal aliens, and Ellis Island.

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