Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Orders Ground Offensive in Gaza after Hamas Terrorist Enter Israel through elaborate underground tunnels; “…without this operation the price we will have to pay later would be much higher” says P.M. Netanyahu

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve continue the conversation about the Israel-Gaza conflict. Mere hours after a peace deal was rejected by Hamas, terrorists are continuing to attempt to cross into Israeli soil and this time through underground tunnels. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) released a video of the response of individuals emerging from a tunnel. Not only are terrorists pushing upon the borders of Israel, they are continuing continuous rocket fire into Israel. Since July 8th, over 1500 rockets have been fired into Israel. According to ID Blog, rockets fired by Hamas endanger 40% of Israel’s population. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu shared encouraging words as he made known his perspective of the soldiers defending the state of Israel

“I met the officers leading the IDF action,” he said.
“They are unbelievably impressive: courageous, determined, full of faith and values,” he said. “I stand in wonder at the motivation of our soldiers, both the regular soldiers and reservists, who want to take part in the campaign. They understand that their objective is to defend the citizens of Israel. They know that they are fighting for a supreme goal: to defend our home.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

As Israel is responding to the threat of their Southern Border with Gaza, continue to pray for God’s protection over Israel’s Northern Borders. Keep your eyes on Israel and you will understand more of how Israel is defending itself, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, Gaza, Rockets, IDF, ground forces, Operation Protective Edge, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Hamas.

3.5 Million Lives in Danger: the Growing Range of Hamas Rockets

Footage of Hamas Terror Attack Being Thwarted
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