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Is Israel being pulled into a ground War in the South only to be attacked from the North – Lebanon and Syria? 
   Greg, Pat and John continue the Israel perspective conversation of what is occurring in the Middle East. The epicenter of the universe, Israel is continually receiving rocket fire from Gaza. The first Israeli has been killed in Operation Protective Edge. Considering what is currently taking place, the eyes of the world appear to be on Israel’s Southern border with Gaza. What about her Northern borders with Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan? They continue to share a prophetic dream highlighting distractions and what could possibly be upcoming horrific events. War changes borders and it changes leaders. This is a war for borders. To stand against the presence of the State of Israel and the right to defend itself is to stand against God. Are the present events in Gaza posing as a distraction to the rising enemies to the North of Israel? There will be a day when God divides us all up based on how we cared about humanity. In the eyes of God, it matters how we respond to Israel. Be encouraged as you have a greater understanding of the events in Israel, the Middle East, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, Operation Protective Edge, ISIS, Jordan, Syria, CBN, Israeli Defense Forces, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  

Protecting the “SKIN”- BORDERS of America: Radical Islamist Taking Advantage of Border Crises-Their Aim is our Demise

   Greg, Pat, and John share how each of us have bodies that come with a layer of skin that protects things from coming into our systems. It is this layer of skin that keeps harmful realities like staph infections, or sicknesses from coming in. There is nothing wrong with evaluating a pill or food before allowing it to enter your body. Imagine America as a human body. Right now there are diseases crossing over the borders of America that have not been seen since the 1950s. Laws have been enacted, not to harm people, but to protect them. It seems as if the only people being held to this standard are not those in Washington, but the people of America.  Everyone in America came over from other countries.  Amidst these constant changing crises, find out how to respond, where your attention needs to be, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: diseases, infections, human body, MS13, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., DNA, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, ISIS, and Saul Alinksy.
Is Israel being pulled into a ground War in the South Only to be attacked from the North – Lebanon and Syria
VFNRadio Second Hour July 16, 2014

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