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Israel Protective Edge: Day 15 Update from Jerusalem Post

Greg, John, and Pat share the freshest events happening in Israel as 7 more IDF soldiers have been killed defending Israel, increasing the number to 18. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shares how there is not a more just war than the war that our sons have fought. Quiet will be restored to the nation of Israel. Protests against Israel are being shouted in parts of the world. There are tunnels bored under the soil of Israel, from Hamas that are being used in the terrorist events against the IDF. One IDF soldier, 21 year old Sgt. Oron Shaul, is currently missing, as IDF is currently searching for his whereabouts. Continue to pray for Israel as you get a current awareness of what is happening in Israel and so much more. Also shared in this segment: IDF, Gaza, Hamas, PM Netanyahu, and war. Ron Dermer

“Israel Defense Forces Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize” says Israel’s Ambassador Dermer at CUFI Washington Summit

Greg, Pat and John share an encouraging perspective on the viewpoint in Israel in America. Currently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is defending Israel in the conflict against Gaza. The most detailed perspective for America can come from Israel’s Ambassador to America, Ron Dermer. During the CUFI event to honor Israel, Ambassador Dermer shares about the award and worthy heroic actions of the IDF; “The IDF should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, for fighting with unimaginable restraint.” No other military has operated such as Israel has, in response to its enemies.

As the IDF has sought to minimize the casualties of Palestinian civilians through leaflets, phone calls, and text messages to warn civilians of specific targeting, Hamas continues to use civilian Palestinians as human shields. According to Ambassador Dermer, the United Nations response is silence. Ambassador Dermer declares in response: “It’s time for the UN to find a moral compass; it’s time for the world to find a moral backbone; it’s time to take a stand against the use of human shields.”  Ambassador Dermer continues, by thanking President Obama, and the American Congress for partnering in the development of the Iron Dome. It is the Iron Dome that is saving Israeli lives from incoming rockets. Ambassador Dermer makes it a priority to recognize President Obama, for his efforts and pressures used to end the presence of chemical weapons from Syria.  Enjoy this powerful and impactful speech, as you stand alongside Ambassador Dermer, CUFI, and the millions of other Christians standing with Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CUFI, Washington DC, Winston Churchill, Sunni, Sheit, Hamas, United Nations, Winston Churchill Bust, Germany, Christians United for Israel, and boldness.
“President Obama Deserves Credit for the Removal of Chemical Weapons from Syria” says Israel’s Ambassador Ron Dermer

In this segment, Greg, Pat and John, highlight Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, and his recognition of President Obama’s efforts and processes to end the presence of nuclear weapons from Iran. Israel deserves the right to defend itself and the United States must stand alongside Israel, in defense of Israel and in defense of that right. Enjoy this encouraging perspective of the integral ties and relationship with Israel, America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, United States, Syria, nuclear weapons, and boldness.
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WATCH! VFNtv July 22, 2014

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