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U.S. National Security Advisor, Susan Rice ,Speaks Regarding the United States Unwavering Commitment towards Israel
Greg, Pat, and John share about a recent CSPAN speech given by Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice. She shares the deep concern for Israel as sirens continually sound, and terrorist rockets are falling daily upon Israel. She highlights the priority of Israel’s right to defend itself and the reality of Hamas as the one causing civilian casualties. She expresses America’s unwavering stance alongside Israel within the United Nations. Susan Rice herself emphasizes being the Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. In light of this, it comes across as encouraging, but with a better awareness of past events in the United Nations, questions are raised.

Since 1975, an unstoppable voting block made up of Muslim Nations and Communist Nations were formed that continues to pass resolution after resolution when a submission is made against Israel. It is important to remember, that regardless of the size of a nation, only one vote is awarded to them in the United Nations. In a majority vote involving a group of 10 people, it doesn’t matter if 8 will always vote a certain way. Regardless if 3 people vote in a positive way, the 8 will come out on top every time. Susan Rice knows this. It doesn’t matter how many times issues are presented to the United Nations in favor of Israel when the outcome is already known.

In light of the continual pressures upon Israel from the world, and the sudden bold allegiance with Israel from America’s leadership, you have to take a deeper look at past actions of America’s current administration. According to Pat Robertson, President Obama has a 72% approval rating amongst Muslims, according to Michelle Bachmann, America is erasing every presence of the Muslim Brotherhood from files, and the aide to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin is intricately connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. Currently, ISIS is proclaiming that President Obama agrees with their actions in the Middle East, while demonstrators in Egypt are expressing their allegiance with America and questioning why President Obama is reportedly funding terrorism.
While the words being said couldn’t be more of an encouraging breath of fresh air as America is reminded of its allegiance with Israel, there are deeper realities and actions that can’t help but cause concern and questioning. These truly are difficult days and there are days no greater than now that as the church we MUST STAND WITH ISRAEL! Find out the points of this speech, concerns that are raised, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry, Hamas, terrorism, Iron Dome, prayer, allies, the United Nations, voting blocks, and Israel.
First Time Religious Freedom Ambassador has been appointed who is not a Christian; Is there more to this? Could there be a plan in place to steal away Israel’s land? Ahab, Jezebell & Naboth Repeating itself?
WATCH! VFNtv July 29, 2014

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