VFNRadio Second Hour July 1, 2014


Check your Mindsets: What you think is right can actually be wrong?     
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of checking our mindsets.  This is so important because we can actually be thinking something is right when it is actually wrong.  It can be very frustrating when we don’t deal with our thoughts.  You can’t go in the opposite direction from what you have been thinking about.  We fight a war every day in our minds.  Our faith is in God and His word extinguishes the fiery darts that are waged against our minds.  Many today are quick to say someone else is wrong but we have to pay attention to people and things that are happening outside of ourselves. If we are wrong, isn’t it important for us to know?

Re-Thinking Church; Just Being the Church in a small Men’s Group     

In this Re-thinking Church moment John, Pat, and Chris share about their experience of just being the church when they met in a small men’s group.  They share how they met weekly to encourage, pray, and share God’s Word with each other.  Their love for God and each other helped them in growing closer to God and walking out their relationship with God in their everyday lives.  It’s when the church focuses on being the church loving on each other and fulfilling the great commandment and the great commission is when we see growth in believer’s lives.  Growth that causes them to be rooted, built up and strengthened in their relationship with the Lord and each other. 

Has God Changed or Have we changed?     

Greg asks us a question: has God changed or have we changed? The quest for knowledge is not the same as the quest for the knowledge of God.  Greg, John, and Pat continued to ask what would a generation of men of God in the past like Leonard Ravenhill  and Jonathan Edwards think about the status of much of the church today.  If the church today would take ten steps back and then draw the line would they even think the Church even knows God.  God has not changed.  

VFNRadio Highlights July 1, 2014
Bodies of Three Missing Israeli Teens Found Near Hebron

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