VFNRadio Second Hour July 7, 2014

Holy Ghost:  The Movie
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve share about an exciting new movie about to be released: The Holy Ghost. A movie that the producers are making based on no script, just obedience to the Holy Spirit following as they are led where and to whom to go to.
“What if we, collectively as the church, just said, ‘Ok God, no more boxes, no more limits, no more we have to control everything and we gave God total control? Yeah it’s scary, but I think that’s the way we were meant to live.”
Enjoy this discussion as they continue to share how God moves most in our lives when we make room for God, and we yield to what He desires. Be encouraged to seek after God to move more powerfully in your life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayer, faith, obedience, and the Holy Spirit.

Purpose in Life: The What and the HOW
 Steve, John, and Pat discuss the question that many may have asked: what is this life for? You can look around in culture and see an array of things that were designed and created; each of them has its own purpose. God had one specific purpose in mind when He knitted, formed, and created you. It is no question when frustration is encountered trying to live a life apart from your purpose. Be encouraged in this discussion and find the hope from the purpose for why you were created and so much more. Also shared this segment: love, abiding, Creation, and relationship.

USA Goalie Tim Howard says He wants People to See Christ in Him
John, Pat and Steve share about how the World Cup athlete Tim Howard is not only a powerful presence in the goal but also a powerful light for Jesus. Amidst the significant achievement of 16 saves in the loss against Belgium, Tim doesn’t want people to focus on his abilities but on Jesus Christ. At 22 years old, and the league’s youngest player, it is encouraging to hear Tim share that Jesus is the only reason he is where he’s at. Be encouraged as they share that amidst all the attention and stardom, there is nothing greater than Jesus Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: success, World Cup, witnessing, and faith.

Those Who DO KNOW their God will DO Great and Bold Things : In Philly Woman on Train Boldly Stands between Attacker and Would be Victim
John, Pat, and Steve encourage us as they remind us that those who know God will do great exploits for Him. Two of the strongest emotions are love and hate. When we learn to grow and walk with God, we will encounter His heart and learn to know not only Him, but what He loves and what He hates. Be stirred to be one that stands for God and others as they share a woman steps up boldly in the authority of Jesus Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: witnessing, authority, abiding, and faith.

USA Goalie Tim Howard says He wants People to See Christ in Him
VFNRadio First Hour July 7, 2014

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