Israel, Cease Fire For Now; Is this the Calm before the Storm? Will Radical Jihadist Unite to Come against Israel?

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH!John, Pat, and Steve continue the conversation about Israel and Operation Protective Edge. Another cease fire has come about in the conflict. Reactions to the cease fire are having differing reactions. “54% of Israelis believe there was no clear winner after this summer’s war.” It is important to remember that we are in the midst of the eighteen month span of the 4 Blood Moons. In light of these events and the rising tragedies from ISIS, another terrorism group is on the scene as well, Boko Haram. Two-hundred girls were kidnapped by this terrorist organization. There have been actions to stop the intimidating and outright cruel acts of this organization. Stephen Davis, an amateur peacemaker, in his own words, has taken actions on his own in response to these atrocities. Because of his efforts, 4 of the kidnapped girls were able to find safety and be rescued. Multiple terrorist organizations are continuing to move and gain strength across the world. Every one of these would want to wipe Israel off of the map. As the church, we must continue to pray. We must intercede for the nation of Israel, for the people of Israel, and for the leadership of Israel. Learn more of the details of what is happening regarding Israel, those that are against Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: dreams, Boko Haram, Iran, 4 Blood Moons, ceasefires, Hamas, Egypt, and prayer.

Netanyahu Defends Ceasefire, Says Hamas ‘Hit Hard’

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