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Time to Deal with the Religious Spirit

  Greg, Pat, and John bring an insightful perspective looking at the gospels and the encounters that Jesus had during His ministry. It is a significant truth that over 1/3 of the encounters that Jesus had were with the Pharisees, the religious folk of His day. Often, we can look at those encounters and lose sight forgetting to apply this to ourselves.  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every proceeding word out of the mouth of God.” –Matthew 4:4.  To be religious is to be focused on the “outside of the cup”, what man sees, and not concerned about the condition of our hearts. The religious leaders struggled, thinking they were right, when they were wrong. If we say yes to God, then we must also leave our life of sin that God rescues us from. We can’t have both. When Paul was in Athens, he noticed the people of the day were “very religious.”-Acts 17:22.  We are always going to be frustrated refusing to leave the life that Jesus delivers us from. Be greatly encouraged as you learn how the experiences in Jesus’s life can apply to the church of today, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Brood of Vipers, hearts, crucifixions, stoning, pornography, guns, Abel, and humility.

“Jerusalem Post” Israel’s Protective Edge Update

   Greg, Pat, and John share an update from regarding Israel and Operation Protective Edge from the “Jerusalem Post”. Now on day 50, from the perspective of Israelis, Operation Protective Edge does not appear to be accomplishing the goals originally set out to be completed. On Monday, 115 rockets were shot into Israel from Gaza. Homes were damaged in Southern parts of Israel and Israelis express the same fear as when the Operation originally started. We must continue to pray for the peace of Israel. As Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stood up against the barrage of accusation and terrorism, his approval rating amidst Israelis has gone from 80% to 40%. He has stood up for the nation of Israel. Israel must now stand with him and for him. The ultimate peace for Israel will come when Yeshua, Jesus Christ returns as He promised.

Correction: When Greg was talking about Flanks and Obliques, he was correct when

He said “flank”. See video below

13 Part Series on The PROMISE –The Holy Spirit

   Greg, Pat, and John give an exciting depth in the understanding of the Holy Spirit. As an overview of a 13 part series regarding the Holy Spirit, your perspective of the Holy Spirit will surely change. At the end of Jesus’ ministry, there were specific instructions that He gave to His disciples, Wait for The Promise! By looking through the journey of events that the Church carried out in the book of Acts, we can clearly see what can happen, and what should happen when in our lives are relating to the Holy Spirit.

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1. The Promise: Crank It Up a Notch God! Ask for Boldness in Times of Persecution

2. The Promise: Wait for the Promise of Our Father; POWER to do His WILL and to do all Jesus did

3. The Promise: The Explanation of the Promise; Holy Spirit

4. The Promise: Salvation, Man’s Vision of Hell & the Wrath of God

5. The Promise: Dangers of Denial or Rejecting

6. The Promise: Just Like Us

7. The Promise: What Baptism Did You Receive?

8. The Promise: The Blessing of Shameless Audacity

9. The Promise: The Sin of Simon; The Lust for Power

10. The Promise: The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Me

11. The Promise: The Role of The Holy Spirit

12. The Promise: A Controlled Burn
13. The Promise: With it Persecution
WAIT FOR THE PROMISE!!! Jesus said and The solution for America’s present struggle with darkness is “a second Azusa Street Revival,” South African Pastor
WATCH! VFNtv August 27, 2014

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