VFNRadio Second Hour August 15, 2014



Discount Given to a Customer for Praying Over Meal in Public

 John, Pat and Steve share about how a North Carolina couple was delightfully surprised after eating dinner together when they received their check. What they found was a 15% discount for “Praying in Public”. What they didn’t know was that their waitress had seen their act of gratitude to God. It is so important to remember that over 1/3 of the world goes to bed hungry. Enjoy this delightful moment as you hear how to have a grateful perspective and so much more. Also shared in this segment: tipping, gratitude, hunger, and prayer.

Father and 2 Year old Son Sing and Play Guitar to “Don’t Let Me Down”: Humor

  John, Pat and Steve share a delightful clip of a father and son jamming out on their guitars to the song Don’t Let Me Down. Enjoy this pleasant moment and so much more. Also shared in this segment: humor, guitars, and singing.

Has the Church left the Gold Standard of the Gospel?

 Steve, John, and Pat share how presently there are many discussions in the media about the economy of America; inflation, the dollar, The Federal Reserve, etc. For those who aren’t fully aware of these, these talks can go right over your head. In the early 1900’s the American dollar was connected to a specific amount of gold, known as the Gold Standard. Whoever had the money could walk to wherever the gold was being stored and could exchange their dollars for the equivalent value of gold. That all changed in 1971, when President Richard Nixon removed the Gold Standard opening the flood gates to the continual spending of dollar bills. Because of this, the already existing dollars steadily lost their value as more and more dollars were printed and added to the system. This is the general principle of inflation. The current purchasing power of a current dollar bill is worth pennies in comparison to the original dollar of the early 1900s. In essence, the original power of it is only a fraction amidst the greatest amount of money in history. America has left the Gold Standard.

This is what the church has done as well. There has never been a time where the name of Jesus Christ has been more acknowledged, talked about, or discussed. In other parts of the world, simply declaring Jesus Christ as Lord brings immediate persecution and sometimes death. The Church has left the Gold Standard of the Gospel. The present day church has only a fraction of the original power that was seen and carried out in the book of Acts. Be encouraged as you find out what the Gold Standard of the Gospel is, how to return to it, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: President Richard Nixon, The Gold Standard, inflation, Sinful Woman, and the Laodicean Church.

Pat and The Swagger Wagger Wagon

  Enjoy a deep laugh as John, Pat, and Steve have a conversation about the coolness of Pat. Not only does Pat exude cool, but it’s also the style of clothes he wears, seriously. They share a video that brings full understanding to this type of swag. Enjoy a continual laugh as you watch, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: swagger, coolness, Pat, and minivans.

Don’t Worry About the 9 Celebrate the 1
John, Pat and Steve have an encouraging conversation about being grateful and keeping the blessings of the Lord first and foremost in our lives. It is the strategy of the enemy to keep our eyes focused on the fires at our feet and away from the miracles and healings that God has done in our lives. Jesus has an encounter with 10 lepers and heals all of them. Only one responds with gratitude and returns to Jesus to thank Him. We must remind ourselves not to get sidetracked on the distractions and enjoy God. Be encouraged as the eyes of your heart are reminded of the miracles and blessings that God has done in your life, how to keep your focus on what truly matters, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: leprosy, the flu, foreigners, healings, faith, rejoicing, and repenting.

VFNRadio First Hour August 15, 2014
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