Watch! The Cover Lifted off of Hamas placing Rocket Launchers near Children

screen capture from /FRANCE 24

LISTEN NOW! WATCH! John, Pat, and Steve share the continuing realities of what is taking place at the hands of the terrorist organization, Hamas. CBN has previously reported, as well as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Hamas is using children to protect their rocket launchers.  Videos from international journalists have brought video and images to these truths and that is helping the world audience see clearly what is happening in Gaza at the hands of Hamas. As the church, we must continue to pray not only for the defense and safety of Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces, but we must also pray for the protection of the Palestinian people and for the actions of Hamas to be exposed. Broaden your understanding of what is taking place, how you can respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Hamas, United Nations, journalists, media, Israeli Defense Forces, and prayer.
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NDTV exclusive- how Hamas assemblies and fires rockets

Exclusive: Hamas rocket launch pad revealed near Gaza homes

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