3 Churches Vandalized in Indiana with Quran scriptures sprayed on their walls: Has it started Persecution of Christians in the West? Prepare Yourself

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH!   Greg, John, and Pat share the reality of what an Indiana church came face to face with over the weekend.  Three different churches were vandalized; spray painted with Quran scriptures and “INFIDELS”. According to George Barna, 81% of professing Christians don’t regularly read the Bible. If 81% are not reading the Bible, you know they are not reading the Quran to know what it teaches or the reality of those that believe the Quran. It’s important to remember that the only tactic that the devil has is fear. This type of accusation and fear can happen in a family, in a marriage, and in a church gathering. What the Quran teaches is the antithesis of the Bible.
It is actions such as this, persecutions against the Body of Christ that has been prophesied about, talked about extensively; the days would come, and the days are here. Persecution will bring a filtering to those who say they are Christians. As this begins to increase, clarity will come more and more as to who is truly walking with and following Jesus Christ, and who is not. When accusations of persecution come against someone, rejoice with the reality, “I got identified as a follower of Jesus Christ.” There will be hardships and difficulties in this life, but, cheer up, Jesus overcame this life. In light of these truths, find out how you can affect those around you with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, how to be prepared spiritually and physically in these upcoming days, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, accusation, fear, truth, sheep, wolves, and wisdom. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


Three Churches Vandalized Overnight

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