We Can’t Afford to Be Naïve regarding ISIL; U.K. is Recognizing the True Threat and so should we in the U.S.

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH!  John, Pat and Steve continue the conversation regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, (ISIS, now ISIL). ISIS has taken control over oil fields in Iraq and selling the oil on the black market. In addition to this, they have received ransom money from the many kidnappings that have taken place at the hands of ISIS. Because of this, ISIS is now the most funded terrorist organization in the world. CBN reports that ISIS is growing in the amount of $2 Million a day with a combined network that is now $2 Billion. That is correction, Billion, with a B. Children are being beheaded, crucifixions are taking place and people are fleeing from the moving presence of this organization.

In a report from CBN, Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron expressed, “ISIS is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before.” Cameron continued with expressed importance of this issue to maintain liberty and heed the direction of security officers. In light of these responses in Great Britain, CBN shares President Barack Obama’s different response, “The suggestion seems to have been that we’re about to go, uh, full scale, uh, an elaborate strategy for defeating ISIL. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.” While ISIS is continuing to make their intentions known, Jihad fighters are leaving their homelands to go travel to the Middle East and fight alongside ISIS. With passports in hand, they are then able to travel back home and wage Jihad, known as “homegrown Jihad”.
This is the time when America has the ability to respond unlike how Great Britain responded during the last 20-30 years in response to the growing concern of Radical Islam. If America does not pay attention, it will result in the present state of Great Britain in 5 years, or even sooner. Find out the details of what is taking place, in the world, in Great Britain, within America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, jihad, CBN, ISIS, persecution of the church, guerrilla warfare, Rick Perry, porous border, Minnesota Martyrs, US Embassies, multiculturalism, political correctness.

UK Sounds ISIS Alarm as US Admits to ‘No Strategy’
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UK Sounds ISIS Alarm as US Admits to ‘No Strategy’
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