How we Got Here: Israel , Gaza Strip, Bush, Obama, and the future next President

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH!  Greg, Pat and John have a conversation about the rapid transformation that America has seen under the current administration. Based on present events, one can look at America’s actions towards Israel and base it completely on President Obama. Only by looking a few years in the past does history document that it was actually President George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice who put in a plan to divide the nation of Israel. See “Road Map for Peace.” Currently in America, everything that can be divided is divided. How much more division can there be? What side is the current leadership on? Previously, Rick Joyner shared about a prophetic dream and the uprising and increasing division within 48 states of America. Will we see Hillary Clinton as a potential presidential candidate? It was under the Clinton Administration that the ‘Council for American and Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) was born. We are starting to see things come full circle. Things don’t just happen. Every presidential administration, since the birth of Israel, has been involved with Israel and the Middle East. Find out the details of each of these intricate pieces, how they are coming together, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, CAIR, Condoleezza Rice, Rick Joyner, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the CIA, and voting.

Updated:  October 10, 2014 for correction saying President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Ehud Barak worked out a deal to give Gaza to the Palestinians.  It was President Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak at Camp David Summit who met, but President George W. Bush’s “Road Map To Peace” that laid the ground work for giving Gaza to the Palestinians with Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!
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