I Miss My Time With You

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LISTEN NOW! Many can relate to all the different reasons that result in the daily “busyness” of life. We can get caught up doing so much, that we lose sight of simply being with the ones that we desire to be with most. Larnelle Harris wrote a song, I miss my Time with You, that brings to light many of us could relate to. How can we say we are serving the one we love when our spirit is empty? When Jesus walked with His disciples, He told them to give Him a minute. He had to spend time with The Father. Amidst all the busyness in our lives, how can we not spend time with the one that we love? No matter what is happening in your state, your home, your life, you can sit with the One who loves you. In spite of all the confusion and chaos around you, find out how you can find peace, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: country music, abiding, relationship, and peace. Greg, Pat, and Steve shared during this segment.



Larnelle Harris- I Miss My Time With You

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