Just Following Orders Experiment: To Obey or Not to Obey- Why People Convinced Themselves it was Okay to do Evil

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH!Greg, Pat, and John have an empowering conversation about the significance of authority and obedience. When we look at the events and stories of wars past: World War I, World War II, The Vietnam War, men gave their lives to those to their left and right and to the orders they were given each and every day. In addition to this, there were other wars that have taken place; notably, the Holocaust and the extermination of more than 6 million Jews at the hands of Hitler and the Nazi party. What would cause a people to act without any human constraints, conscience, or morals? In 1962, social psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a study with the hopes of seeking an answer to this reality. The Milgram Obedience Study put individuals in a controversial position. Each was ordered to administer an electric shock to another, in another room, based on a right or wrong answer. With each wrong answer the voltage was gradually increased to ultimate administration of a 450 voltage shock. Initially, Milgram believed that no more than ½ of 1% would go all the way through. The results of this test will astonish you. Find out the importance of the results of this experiment, obedience, leadership, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Adolf Hitler, Israel, Vietnam War, Stanley Milgram, Morals, Values, abiding, and truth. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!

Milgram Obedience Study
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