MEdia Generation; Life Does Not Come with a Laugh Track

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LISTEN NOW! Only a few generations ago, theatre was the premiere avenue for entertainment. With so much technology, entertainment seeks to take all of our time with 24 hour attractions. It’s not rare to encounter someone who watches movies all day long. With so many visual aids in movies, attractions & social media, we tend to become focused on the glitz, the glamour, and the perfection of what is on T.V., in the lives of others; and then criticizes the reality of what is within our own lives. Many in the younger generation are arriving at a shock when they see what is happening in their own lives and it contradicts what they had expected it to be. There are going to be difficulties, hardships, and trials. Life requires that you get involved. Find out how to enjoy and be a part of your own reality, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Second City Improv, Winnie the Pooh, reality, MTV, and character. Greg, Pat and Steve shared during this segment.

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