Sex Trafficking Sting: 26 Victims Liberated, 8 Traffickers Arrested; All Thanks to Your Donations

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WATCH! On August 14th, Operation Underground Railroad jump teams and the Colombian authorities rescued 26 young victims from sex slavery and brought all 8 of their traffickers to justice. This was an amazing rescue mission! We are overwhelmed by the support that we’ve received from the Colombian government and all other outside supporters as we work to free these children from sex trafficking.

This is a collection scenes taken from undercover cameras during the rescue codenamed Operation Mundo Nuevo. The undercover cameras are necessary to have enough evidence to convict the traffickers. These people that were selling these kids for sex, once convicted, will received 5-20 years in prison (the typical sentence for human trafficking).

To date, OURrescue has rescued over 100 children from being trafficked as sex slaves. This is far more victims than a government agency alone is able to save! Thanks to our CEO Tim Ballard, we have seen massive success and been able to free many, many children from sex tourism.

We plead for your help, support and prayers as we work to free these children and give them the life they deserve. Make a monthly donation and become an Abolitionist here: LINK

Also, please help us spread the word with our social media tag #OURrescue and help us save more children! To find out more how you can help us save these precious children, visit our Ways to Help page on our website:


Your Donations in Action

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