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Encouraging Report from the Harvest Summit at Morning Star Ministries with Rick Joyner: Part 2

Greg, Pat and John continue the conversation about their encouraging encounters while attending the Harvest Summit. Amidst the nearly 1,000 people that came together, it was like coming together with family. What we are seeing right now is two Kingdoms coming together and they are about to clash. The Kingdom of God will overcome, God’s Kingdom will win. Surveys have been conducted by many of those who have attended meetings such as this, what they found out was staggering; only 5-10% of the church in America knows their call. This is not good. Be empowered as you learn what the difference maker is, how to understand what God’s calling is for your life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: leaves, Harvest Summit, Houston, Azusa Street Revival, William Seymour, Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, and the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Every Christian is a Minister: Good Works Prepared in Advance- It Takes Us All

Greg, Pat and John share an encouraging perspective of what is often confused: ministry. Presently, the mindset of ministry can be limited to standing behind a podium preaching on Sundays. A person could have started 75 orphanages, saved a neighbor from a fire, and feel called to go into the ministry and preach. The lie is that this person is not doing it already. Jesus called us to lay down our lives and love one another as ourselves. God expects us to walk out love where he has placed us. Whether that is in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces, even our communities, we can love others, like Jesus did, every day of our lives. Be encouraged as you find out the simplicity and power of the Gospel, how to walk in love, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Jezebel, relationships, Emmaus road, law enforcement, abiding, restaurants, tips, and shepherds.
WATCH! VFNtv October 21, 2014
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