Voters Guides! Learn to Help You When You Vote November 4th

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LISTEN NOW! Amidst the precious abilities in America is the ability to vote, to choose the leadership across America, and most do not. Even though voting takes place every year, some only remember the opportunity to do so when it’s already “slipped past them”. America is a precious land where the people are the Kings; they vote in the leadership. As the day approaches for the November 4th election, take this time as the church and pray about those candidates in your area. Ask God to speak and lead you with wisdom. We can vote the immediate and temporary things that benefit ourselves, or we can vote with the long term in mind. Regardless, there is a stark difference between the two. Find out the importance of your ability to vote, why your vote matters, what it means to be Josiah, and so much more. Greg, Pat and Steve shared during this segment.
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