How to live a joyful life, and really mean it; bringing joy to the heart of God

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LISTEN NOW! How many are authentically walking out a joyful life? Someone may say they are, “yeah, but you’re miserable”. Currently, there are some that are hopeless. Whether an individual is weak physically or spiritually, there is plenty happening in our everyday life that causes us to simply be weak! OK, what do we do about it? If what we do brings us joy, does it bring joy to God? God has a joy for each and every one of us that is greater than our understanding and certainly bigger than our situation. There are 3 simple things that you can begin doing today that will not only bring joy in your life but also impact the heart of God. Find out the significance of a joyful life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Francis Chan, heaven, abiding, obedience, and love. Greg, Pat, and Steve shared in this segment.
VFNRadio Second Hour November 10, 2014
ALL THIS STUFF IN FRONT OF ME! What’s the bigger picture?

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