Prince Charles: Threat on Christians in the Middle East an “Indescribable Tragedy”

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH! Charisma News reports how Prince Charles boldly stated “It is an indescribable tragedy that Christianity is now under such threat in the Middle East….rather than remaining silent, faith leaders, have, it seems to me, a responsibility to ensure that the people within their own tradition respect people from other faith traditions”. The wave of persecution against Jews and Christians is increasing across the globe. As the church, we need to discern the times and seasons that we are living in. Find out how persecuting is affecting others throughout the globe, how some are responding, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Charisma News, radical Islam, anti-Semitism, Pentecost, Brigette Gabriel, and persecution. John, Pat and Steve shared in this segment.

Britain’s Prince Charles calls on different faiths to respect eachother

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