WATCH! VFNtv Second Hour November 25, 2014


Watch! Former Radical Jihadist, Kamaal Saleem, speaks on VFNtv about America’s enemy and How Islam is targeting the church and the Jews: Part 2

In past Presidential speeches, President Obama has stated that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”…….”we are no longer a Christian nation….” What significance do these words mean to the Church? What do these declarations mean to the nation of Islam? Kamaal shares that “we have an administration that is championing Radical Islam”. Kamaal continues to discuss that the nation of Islam came to destroy Judaism and Christianity, the Jews and the Christians. He also gives startling realities of Obamacare and its effects on Muslims. America is being stealthy infiltrated by terrorism.

The conversation continues and goes deeper than ever imagined as Kamaal Saleem shares invigorating truths and insight into Islam and recent events that have transpired in America. Kamaal states that “Islam is 14% religious and the rest is political”. He shares that it is vital for the church to understand that Islam is the fullness of government. Their loyalty is to allah. Shariah Law is the Islamic Constitution. In the eyes of Islam, when a mosque is constructed, it is seen as a victory for Islam. What some may not be aware of is the significance of Ramadhan to the Islamic religion and what insight this provides to the church.

Is the Church going to take their places of kingship? Will the Church take the spheres of culture back for the Kingdom? God is pouring out new oil and new manna in these days. As the Church, we must not respond in fear or timidity, but to move in bold faith, by the blood of Jesus and the power of faith in His victory on the cross for ALL mankind. Grow in wisdom and understanding as you recognize the spiritual battle that is taking place, the victories that are to be had in the Kingdom, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the Ecclesia, Islam, Meghan Kelly, FBI, CIA, NSA, beheadings, Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Erdogan, ISIS, ISIL, Cairo University, Michele Bachmann, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, Arab Spring, fascism, Babylon, false altars, United Nations, terrorism, TSA, Islamic State, Chuck Pierce, Ramadan, White House Iftar Dinner, Saul Alinksy, and wisdom.
WATCH! VFNtv November 25, 2014
VFNRadio Highlights November 24, 2014

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