Can the Church Play a Pivotal Role in Education?

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LISTEN NOW! CBN is reporting how there are events taking place in our schools involving the minorities of America. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that the Hispanic high school dropout rate stands at 13 percent. As students progress into higher learning, advanced classes, and even graduate studies, one student shares from her own perspective how there were less and less minorities. Rev. Tony Suarez, spokesman for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, stated, “We’re salt and light. We’re ambassadors for the kingdom of God. We need to finish our education. We need to not only be preachers and missionaries and evangelists but we need to become lawyers and doctors and governors and senators.”  As the church, we are not limited to be the light where we fellowship, God has called us to impact all spheres of culture and society. Be encouraged as you hear how the church is responding, how you can share your witness for Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: education, dropout, minorities, 7 mountains of culture, and family. Steve, John, and Pat shared in this segment.


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