Gunman Sieges Cafe, Claims He is Jihadist, Flies Black Flag with Arabic Writing, hostages killed

Courtesy of IgorGolovniov/ Reports on December 15, 2014
at 2am in the seventeenth hour of Man Haron Monis’ reign of terror, the Islamic hate preacher’s siege and had hostages pressed up against the glass window that read “Merry Christmas” as a radical Islamic flag flew over their heads. 
During this time 38-year-old lawyer and mother-of-three Katrina Dawson will be shot while shielding a pregnant friend and will die before she reaches hospital.
A 75-year-old female will also be shot in the shoulder, a 52-year-old female in the foot and a 43-year-old female in the leg.
They are all now in stable conditions but it is unclear if they were shot during the breach or in the events that preceded it…Read more
VFNRadio First Hour December 16, 2014
VFNRadio Highlights December 15, 2014

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