WATCH! Is the Government Building Safe Houses for Congress in Washington D.C. to Survive 90 Days?

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WATCH! or LISTEN NOW!James and Khechara Bradford, a couple in the market for a house, have visited the Pensacola area simply looking for a new home. What they were told as they entered a home would be described as “shocking,” to many. Reportedly the government has been building safe houses for government representatives for the need of being able to operate for 90 days. God has made known to us to prepare as well. In comparison to flying on a plane, “put the oxygen mask on yourself before putting the mask on your child.” God has spoken of these coming events so the church can move in wisdom and not be caught by surprise. We have the ability to respond either in fear or in wisdom. Be empowered as you hear about confirmations in the body of Christ, how you can respond with wisdom, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: builders, construction, safe houses, Washington D.C., government, The Perfect Storm, financial collapse, schemes, and wisdom. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!

James and Khechara Bradford – Enter with Government Safe House Builder

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Ephesians 4:11-14

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